What is Hentai Nexus?

Hentai Nexus was built to be a significnat improvement on the old Narsha Bot which simply private messaged people. You can read more about it on Reddit, here.

Advanced Search Queries

Yes, they're possible. You can read more about them here. THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY DISABLED.


Who was Hentai Nexus created by? No one really knows. Rumors speculate that one day the bot became self-aware and gave itself purpose in the world. Perhaps this is all part of Viktor's plan of glorious evolution, one may never know...

Hentai Nexus uses meta data provided by taggers to build a comprehensive R34 database. This project was started on December 6th, 2015. This project was founded by an anonymous user and NarshaBestWaifu.
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Can I tag my own posts?

Yes! If you post content to any of the subreddits we support you can tag your own content with some limitations. Firstly, you cannot tag anyones posts other than your own (you must be the thread poster); And secondly, it's worth noting private messages are only sent out once a moderator posts approved tags (but your content will appear on our site immediately).

Private messages are sent out only when an approved tagger posts in the thread. At that point, the system will use the tags provided by the approved tagger(s) and private messages will be issued. Tagging your own posts saves us a lot of time about having to think what tags to use :). Please try to conform to the tags we have listed here!

How To: It's simple, simply at the end of your message include the following:
R34META #tag1 #tag-with-space #tag3 #tag4 (...)

For /r/rule34lol: please continue using PMR34LOL instead of R34META until further notice.